Factual Testimony of Dunba Wonder


Brand and Model:Toyota,Land Cruiser PRADO
Engine type: 4 cylinders2400 c/c
Fuel type: Gasoline
Engine oil change every5.000 kms
Kms without water: about300kms

In June, 2012, we drove the car on rough road of Wu Qi Oil Plant in Wu QiCounty, Yan An City, Shan xi Province. In the beginning, the temperature dialshowed the maximum level, we think that is because the dial can’t work due toold car. So we continue driving to climb up and down the hill, about 300kms.When other person borrowed the car, he opened the water tank to check,surprised at there is none drop of water in the tank. After adding into water,there is not high temperature phenomenon any more. The dial showed normal. Andthe car situation is still very good now.
The reason why the car didn’t break is because it is using Dunba since it isnew.